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Nov 22, 2013
Change tap water to suitable marine water
How can I change tap water to Marine water. We are a swimming pool company and have access to chemicals but we're not sure what ones to use. Please help! Hi Kirsty This is not really a simple questi...
Sep 16, 2013
How do you pretreat fresh water with conditioners while using the Python Siphon System? Should I add the conditioner to the tank?
Hi David, Thanks for your response. You use buckets to return water to the tank? Am I missing something here? I thought the whole idea of the Python Siphon was to eliminate the need for buckets and a...
Jun 25, 2013
Do you have any original suggestions or ideas to keep Herons and other birds away from my prized pond fish. Any suggestions would be welcome.
Herons and other wildlife do have a tendency to help themselves to your fish. The following are responses from customers to solving this problem. I don't have a pond so don't know, but I heard from so...
Jun 25, 2013
How to keep plants in your fish tank looking good.
Personally I find it so difficult to keep live plants in my tank… my fish devour them! One of my friends has a plant that he trims from the roots rather than the top.. and I receive loads of emails ab...
Jun 25, 2013
How do you solve algae issues in your fish tank?
Looking for a solution to algae in your tank? This is what others say.. Siamese flying fox, that's my solution to algae. They eat it all from Carole Hi The easiest solution is to buy a plecostamus f...
Jun 24, 2013
How do you cope with all the water changes in a marine tank and the balancing of the water?
… what tips would you give to the layman?… I'm particularly interested to hear about fish rather than the coral. i keep marine and its pretty maintenance free, I have an apex computer checking the sta...
Feb 11, 2013
How air pumps work and problems you encounter
Air Pumps and why yours isn’t working properly or is making too much noise Well, the Air Pump is the most popular way of introducing oxygen into the aquarium, running an undergravel filter or bubble ...
Nov 19, 2012
It's all relative I am told when it comes to the size of tanks… or is it?
You see a question for you this week came about when I was told that keeping a small marine tank was much harder than a large one… or is it? Surely less fish means less of a problem in the tank… or do...
Oct 29, 2012
Is an air pump really required in a fish tank?
As fish keepers we know that having an air pump in the tank is critical and we also know that we like it to be as quiet as possible. Some would even say that the bubbles add to the character of the ta...
Oct 23, 2012
I have a 260L tropical tank with a 4 x T5 quad overhead. At the moment, I am running a variety of 4 x Giesemann T5's from Midday to Aquablue to Aquapink. My question is that I would like to stick to T...
Oct 23, 2012
How do I increase the size of my fish?
We receive hundreds of questions at http://www.aquatics-online.co.uk (this has a tracking link in it) and whilst we (mainly John!) give our best knowledge there are times when we'd like to hear from y...
Oct 23, 2012
Any ideas how to get rid of snails?
Hi David, You cover some very interesting issues. However, one that is always causing me problems is that of snails! I have a reasonable sized fish room housing mainly Corydora's which I have been ...
Oct 23, 2012
what is the best product to use in a small pond,no fish,to get rid of all the green algea it seem to be several different types.
small natural pond ,filled with tap water about 800 gls.used for tadpoles in spring.gets an awful lot of algae not much stringy blanket weed but other algae.thank you
Oct 08, 2012
Which lights do I use?
Can anyone help me shed light on …. light?? What I am referring to is the question of lighting for Marine and tropical fish tanks. There are literally hundreds of tubes to choose from. Does it matter ...
Sep 14, 2012
Anyone know about Pirahna?
Do Piranha each other?
Sep 02, 2012
What is the best method to use when changing water in the tank?
I have a tropical tank in my lounge with three hostile Angel fish, some neon tetras and a black Molly. Generally they all live quite happily together. The tank is a corner tank that sits on furniture ...